August 8, 2013

Good morning Mr. President!

- Good morning Mr. President!
- Welcome and good morning Tony!
- Thank you Mr. President. How are you?
- Fine, thank you Tony. I meant to ask you a long timeTony, your last name is Samaras or Sa(hla)maras? You see I don't speak greek but I keep reading both.
- Mr. President I'm surprised you' ve heard that silly name Sa(hla)maras.
- So which of the two is the right one Tony?
- Why, Samaras is my last name Mr. President.
- Ok. what's the story with this "Sa(hla)maras" thing Tony?
- I really don't know Mr. President. Some fucking blogger - excuse my "french"- used that name for the first time years ago and nowadays a lot of people call me that.
- Oh, I see, those fucking bloggers have fucked me a lot of times too giving away state secrets.
- Like Snowden Mr. President?
- What? I don't wanna discuss about that. Anyway, what does Sa(hla)maras mean?
- Nothing, Mr. President.
- Now come on Tony, don't be shy!
- You could say it means "jerk" Mr. President.
- Oh, and it rhymes with your real name?
- Well, some people say it does, but I don't feel like having a discussion about it.
- Ok. Tony, it was nice to meet you.
- Thank you Mr. President for the meeting. May I ask when we'll meet again?
- Well, that's something I don't know. In any case contact my office but to make it easier for everybody use that new name of yours they came up with.
- What? I thank you Mr. President!


  1. Good morning Swell.
    You should sleep better and live a normal life, or you are going to have these nightmares about greeks meeting americans and discussing about their names, LOL.
    Other than that, remember that GAP has met Obama several times in the past but their discussions never came up to the light of publicity.
    Can you do something about this please ?

    1. Tζονάκε, η ανάγκη πιστής και κατά λέξη μεταφοράς της συζητήσης μεταξύ Obama και Σα(χλα)μαρά, που μου αποκάλυψαν οι αξιόπιστες πηγές μου, με ανάγκασε να τη γράψω στη γλώσσα που έγινε.

      Αυτό δεν σημαίνει ότι οι σχολιαστές πρέπει να κάνουν το ίδιο.

      Γι' αυτό που μου ζητάς, I'll do my best.


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