April 10, 2007


Από κοινή συνέντευξη Μπους και Μπλερ. Ρωτήθηκε ο Μπους αν θεωρεί τον Μπλερ "σκυλάκι" του.
Και ο Μπλερ παρενέβη συμβουλεύοντας τον Μπους να μην απαντήσει καταφατικά γιατί θα τον έφερνε σε δύσκολη θέση! Υπάρχει άραγε ΕΝΑΣ Έλληνας δημοσιογράφος που θα τολμούσε να κάνει τέτοια ερώτηση σε πολιτικό και να πάρει απάντηση; Η απάντηση είναι όχι, δεν υπάρχει. Το γιατί, μπορεί να σας το εξηγήσει οποιοσδήποτε Έλληνας δημοσιογράφος.

Question: Mr. President, first. The Prime Minister is sometimes, perhaps unfairly, characterized in Britain as your "poodle." I was wondering if that's the way you may see your relationship? And perhaps, more seriously, do you feel for the --
PRIME MINISTER BLAIR: Don't answer "yes" to that question. If you do, I would be -- (laughter.) That would be difficult.
Question: Do you feel, for the strong support that Britain has given you over Iraq, that you have to pay back Britain for that support in some way?
PRESIDENT BUSH: The Prime Minister made the decision he did because he wanted to do his duty to secure the people of Great Britain. That's why he made the decision. Plenty capable of making his own mind. He's a strong, capable man. I admire him a lot. You know why? When he tells you something, he means it. You spend much time with politics, you'll know there's some people around this part of the -- this kind of line of work where they tell you something, they don't mean it. When he says something, he means it. He's a big thinker. He's got a clear vision. And when times get tough, he doesn't wilt. When they -- when the criticism starts to come his way -- I suspect that might be happening on occasion -- he stands what he believes in. That's the kind of person I like to deal with. He is a -- I'm a lucky person, a lucky President, to be holding office at the same time this man holds the Prime Ministership.

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